Ketamine Infusion

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Ketaimine Infusion: Pain Management, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

  • Effective Pain Relief: Evidence suggests ketamine can significantly reduce pain, particularly neuropathic pain and CRPS, where other treatments often fail. 
  • NMDA receptor antagonism: Ketamine primarily works by blocking them, ketamine disrupts the transmission of pain messages, leading to pain relief. 
  • Synaptic plasticity and neurogensis: Ketamine might also promote the growth and connections between brain cells (synapses) and stimulate the creation of new neurons (neurogensis). This enhanced neuroplasticity could contribute to longer-lasting pain relief and potentially improve mood in some patients. 
  • Inflammation: Ketamine has shown anti-inflammatory properties, which may further contribute to pain reduction, especially in chronic pain conditions with an inflammatory component. 

How it works?

Imagine the brain as a city, with pain signals traveling through specific roads and pathways. Ketamine acts like a roadblock on these pathways, specifically targeting the NMDA receptors that normally amplify pain messages. By blocking these receptors, ketamine disrupts the traffic flow of pain signals, preventing them from reaching their destination and causing discomfort. 

Additionally, ketamine seems to act like a city developer, promoting the growth and connection of new roads (synapses) and even building new neighborhoods (neurogenesis). This improved network can help reroute pain signals and the blockades, further contributing to pain relief. 

Futhermore, ketamine might work like a firefighter, dampening inflammatory fires within the city, which can exacerbate pain in some cases. And in high doses, it can act like a security guard, working with the city's existing opioid system to provide extra pain relief (though this comes with potential risks of dependence). 

Finally, ketamine can temporarily alter the city's perception of pain itself, creating a kind of mental escape by changing how the brain experiences it. 


  • $100 for evaluation (insurance can be used if you have it for evaluation only)
  • One hour low dose infusion $350
  • Two hour low dose infusion $599
  • Three hour low dose infusion $799
  • Four hour low dose infusion $999


It takes 6 seperate infusions in most cases for best long term results.