5 Habits You Can Adopt to Lessen Your Neck Pain

According to research, up to 75% of the adult population in America experiences neck pain from time to time. Unfortunately, for many people, neck pain is chronic and interferes with daily activities. 

At Vulcan Pain Management, Dr. Victor Mendoza specializes in pain relief and offers a comprehensive range of services to address various conditions. One of the most common problems he treats in our offices in Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama, is neck pain. Often bad habits are linked to back and neck discomfort. Dr. Mendoza prefers the most conservative solutions possible. Before prescribing any medications or procedures, he suggests five ways you can adopt to lessen your neck pain.

Improve your posture

When it comes to neck pain, poor posture is a leading factor. If you frequently use forward head posture, it can add stress to your cervical spine, overload your muscles, and cause the spinal cord to stretch. Our team works with you to educate you about proper posture and practice some proactive moves and exercises you can use to prevent poor posture.

Get high-quality sleep

One of the keys to great sleep is a hardworking pillow. Choose a pillow and sleeping position that supports your spine’s curvature. Stomach sleepers have to twist their necks from left to right through the night and tend to wake with a sore neck. Try sleeping on your side or back.

Prevent tech neck

The way you look down to hold your phone or look at your computer screen puts your neck in an unnatural position. Over time, this excess pressure causes a stress injury and can lead to chronic pain. Tips to prevent tech neck include raising your screens higher, yoga, taking frequent breaks from your screen throughout the day, and chiropractic care.

Fine-tune your exercise

Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but poor form or technique often leads to neck pain. Practice slow and steady movements that don’t cause you to strain your joints or overextend your muscles.

Lighten your load

If your backpack, purse, or work bag is too heavy, it strains your back and neck muscles and can lead to a pinched nerve. Lighten your load and choose a bag that works with you instead of against you.

For a comprehensive neck exam and to alleviate your neck pain, turn to Vulcan Pain Management. Call the office closest to you or use the online feature to request an appointment.

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